you’re in the right place! I can help you feel more confident in your business, more clarity and more focused

I offer ‘book as you need them’ coaching sessions- The power hour- coaching that will transform your mindset, resulting in clarity, focus and confidence… oh and more profit! Not just coaching for business owners. Work with me to gain clarity & confidence in life too. Take a look under ‘coaching’ to find out more & book

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Clarity Coaching for business and life

I’m guessing you’re here because you….

  • Want to be super clear on what the priorities are in your business to earn more profit?
  • Want to feel confident about your decisions? Finally feel like you know what your doing?
  • How about finally understanding how to earn money from your social media, rather than just spending a hella time on your phone?
  • Want clarity????

Here’s how we can work together to bring you clarity-

The Power Hour– one off coaching as you need it

This is a 60 min one to one session (via Zoom) in which I will help you unpick what is causing you the feelings often described as overwhelm, overstretched, confusion, lack of confidence. You will have my listening ear, we can bounce around ideas, identify any blocks & plan how to overcome them. I will help you focus on the priorities to ensure profitability in your plans!

Power Hour sessions are designed as stand alone sessions, so there’s no need to book a block, or feel like you will be tied in to multiple sessions. One session, sort the issues, move forward! You have the freedom to book Power Hour sessions as often as you like! The price will always remain the same £79 per session.

90 day Clarity Kickstart– 1:1 coaching program

I believe when we learn to trust our own instincts, listen to our intuition (often referred to as our gut) clarity, focus and confidence follows. My coaching style is an eclectic mix of techniques such as NLP, CBT, energy healing, mindfulness and connection with our higher self. In reality, no two sessions are the same as my coaching is tailored to you and your energy. I have a deep toolbox! Whether running a business or seeking life coaching this 90 day kickstart is suitable.

  • Discover how to tune and trust your intuition
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Gain more clarity in your path ahead
  • Follow your passions and manifest a life you love

12 one hour calls plus access to me via What’s App £560

To find out more about working with me book your free 30 min clarity call

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